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Your password is stored in encrypted form. Therefore, if you forget your password, the plain text version of your password cannot be recovered. You must use this form to reset your password to a new value.

You must have registered a valid email address with the Pittsburgh Ski Club in order to use this form to reset your password. If you have not given us an email address or your email address has changed, then you must send an email to the Webmaster to have your password manually reset. All requests for password reset will be verified with the member.

When you click on the “Reset Password” button below, an email will be sent to your registered email address. The email will contain a link with a key that you must click within 24 hours after receiving the email. After 24 hours the key will expire and you will have to submit this form again to get a fresh key.

Note: Delete the email after you reset your password. The reset key is valid for only one reset. You cannot reuse it if you forget your password again in the future.

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