Information About the Pittsburgh Ski Club

THERE IS A LOT OF INFORMATION ABOUT THE PSC ON THIS WEBSITE – events calendar, ski and travel tips, ski instruction and racing and even a weather page – so check us out. But, if you and your friends would rather have specific information about the Pittsburgh Ski Club sent to you, please request the information via email and we’ll send you some information about the Pittsburgh Ski Club by return email.


The Pittsburgh Ski Club, established in 1937 as a non–profit organization to encourage skiing, is run entirely by volunteers. Today, 86 years later, the PSC continues to promote skiing and snowboarding as well as offering year–round activities for its members – all of which are organized and run by Club members.

The PSC is governed by its Board of Directors, which consists of an Executive Committee comprised of six elected officers and the past president as well as members of its Program, Publicity, Travel, and various Standing Committees (Membership, Hospitality, Instruction and Racing). The Board of Directors meet once a month to handle Club business. The election of officers is held in the spring at the last social meeting of the year. The elected officers for the June 1, 2020 – May 31, 2021 Club year are:

  • President – Marlene Czarnecki [Email]
  • Vice President of Travel – Mike Baker [Email]
  • Vice President of Program – Helene Czarnecki-Schaukowitch [Email]
  • Vice President of Publicity – Coleen Ley [Email]
  • Secretary – Jan Wisniewski [Email]
  • Treasurer – Jim Gallagher [Email]
  • Past President – Debbie Zamberry

OUR MEMBERS ARE WHAT MAKE THE CLUB. A great way to meet members and create new friendships is by volunteering your time. If you would like to volunteer to help on one of the committees, please contact one of the Club’s officers or a committee VP or Chairperson or indicate your interest in a committee when you fill out a MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION.

The various PSC committees are:

Hospitality Committee – [Email]

This committee greets members and guests who attend a Club function.

Membership Committee – [Email]

This committee handles our membership and member database. So, if you have recently moved, changed your name, or your email address, please use the address to notify the Club of the change(s).

Program Committee – [Email]

This committee is the “think tank” and plans and organizes the year–round social activities and events.

Travel Committee – [Email]

This committee plans and organizes the various ski and travel trips offered to members.

Publicity Committee – [Email]

This committee is responsible for “getting the word out” about the PSC as well as overseeing the newsletter [Email], the website [Email], and the photo gallery [Email].

Ski Instruction Committee – [Email]

This committee works with local ski resorts to obtain lessons for those members who want to improve their skiing/snowboarding skills.

Racing Committee – [Email]

This committee organizes and runs racing instruction and ski races at a local ski resort. Currently, the WPSC race program is suspended indefinitely because of cost.

If you don’t know where to direct your question or concern, send an email to our Club information person and your question will be forwarded to the appropriate committee chairperson or event leader.

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